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Why choose to be the partner of Promaker?

As a partner of Promaker, you will obtain the following benefits

  • Cost Performance Far Beyond the German and Japan Machines

    Cost Performance Far Beyond the German and Japan Machines

    Having been manufacturing the embroidery machines in China for over 20 years, Promaker has developed more than 100,000 sets of different embroidery machines, which are widely used in more than 50 countries all over the world. Many of our customers have been using our machines for over 10 years. Our embroidery machines have reached a very high standard in quality and service life, but the price is only one third of that of German machines.

    This low price doesn’t mean that our machines are inferior to German machines, but because that our factory is loaded in China. In China, we have a very complete industrial chain, so that we can obtain mechanical parts with standard quality at a relatively low price.

    If your budget is not very adequate, our machine will be the best option under the premise of ensuring the machine quality!

  • Fast Delivery

    Fast Delivery

    After receiving your advance payment, it only takes 30 days to produce one machine. Compared with other companies, our delivery speed is twice as fast.

    Promaker adopts high precision CNC tools and fool-proof positioning pin installation process, which enable us to deliver the machines in less time under the premise of guaranteeing the product quality. From frame manufacturing, over painting, to machine assembly and debugging, these processes are all completed in our company. Promaker has the most complete supply chain in the whole industry and obtained the support from many suppliers, which ensures us to control the product quality and the delivery time.

  • Mature and Perfect Product System

    Mature and Perfect Product System

    Promaker has been adhering to technical innovation since 2001, and has been trying to bring new technology and ideas to the industry of embroidery machinery. As of December 2021, our company owns 4 core technology intellectual property rights, more than 50 design patents, and has won numerous domestic and abroad honors, and has been rated as a domestic excellent enterprise for many times.

    From flat embroidery machine (850rpm) to ultrahigh speed machines (1500rpm), it takes 20 years and 4 times of technology changes, which brings countless increases in productivity and quality improvement of embroidery product to customers. In addition, Promaker also owns R&D and design of special models to satisfy customers diverse demands, like high speed towel embroidery, multi-color sequins, multi-color beads, and automatic fueling, automatic under thread changing and automatic frame clamping.

  • After-Sales Service

    After-Sales Service

    Since our establishment, Promaker has set the sales concept of focusing on service. Before sales, we analyze customer needs and select the optimal products for customers with our professional vision. If customers have financing needs, we will also help to connect with banks and funding agencies to assist them with business. During the sales, we provide real-time machine progress and test report, so that customers can really see and feel. In after-sales service, our company has a after-sales team with over 50 employees scattered throughout the country, and we also set up 10 offices around the world. Our after-sales personnel are responsible for the one-site measurement of your factory, how to reasonably lay out the machines, installation, debugging and other routine business. Besides, our company has an independent after-sales service team and spare parts warehouse in every region, allowing us to respond to and solve problems in the first time. In addition, Promaker also provides 2-3 maintenance services every year, taking the initiative to kill the machine problems in the cradle.

    For foreign partners, Promaker will provide complete after-sales service system training and information to assist you in establishing a complete after-sales service system and perfect spare parts warehouse. As for the difficult problems, we can send engineers to help you all over the world. In case of an epidemic, online video is available to help you solve the problems remotely.

  • Quality Guarantee

    Quality Guarantee

    Promaker took the lead in applying the positioning pin installation process, changing from relying on the experience of the assembly masters to adopting the high precision gantry milling machine processing. The installation of key components of the machine is changed to the positioning pin process, which eliminates the need of relying on the experience of the staff for adjustment. Positioning pin process ensures a mechanical accuracy within 0.02mm, ensuring the accuracy between the lower shaft, X and Y axis and machine frame, thus guaranteeing the accuracy of the embroidery and greatly reducing the wear of spare parts.

    From the machine frame to the small core parts are all processed by our own factory, and the processes from drawing design to manufacture are all completed under the control of our company. We have invested about 200 million on automation equipment to ensure that the quality of our products is better than other brands.

    Besides, Promaker has signed long-term strategic cooperation agreements with standardized parts manufacturer like Dahao, SABUN, Hirose, KOBESTHOOK, Germany CONTITECH, etc., to ensure the machine quality and delivery time. According to our product demands, we also cooperate with major spare parts manufacturers to develop products suitable for our mixed function embroidery equipment, aiming to provide personalized machines on the premise of quality assurance.

    Promaker has internal and eternal inspection departments. After self-inspection, each process is reviewed by the staff of the inspection department and then enters the next process, and finally there is finished product inspection. As for the external inspection, our company strictly inspects the parts purchased from other companies in accordance with 2828 standard.

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