• 79221 Square meters
    Modern Factory
  • 5000 Pieces
    High-precision computerized embroidery machines
  • 410 Members
    Promaker team

Promaker’s expert,professional manufacturing and sales teams, focus on the development and manufacturing of multi-head embroidery machines for a vast range of embroidery applications.  We are proud to offer our customers high performance and high production speed machines that beat any other model on the market today, as well as embroidery solutions for specific application needs.

Within our modern factory, we are fully equipped with a variety of advanced equipment, enabling large-scale production of embroidery machines here in house, without having to sacrifice quality or reliability at a rate of roughly 5,000 machines/year.

Featured Products

Promaker is dedicated to providing top-end embroidery machinery all over the world. Our product portfolio includes single head and multi-head embroidery machines, chenille machine and combination machines. Nowadays our reliable products have been recognized by 50 countries in the world.

Why choose us
  • Technology

    In order to meet customer’s increasing demands Promaker build a research and development (R&D) team...

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  • Manufacturing

    The upstream industry of embroidery machine is scattered, which means the most of time key parts...

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  • Quality

    The quality of products help us win the market reputation. Our quality center has quality control and quality assurance apartment...

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